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New Artist to the Gallery: Potter Jennie Blair

We are pleased to introduce you to Jennie’s pottery. We love the form and function of these pieces with their unique glaze application. You’ve got to hold onto one of these mugs and just imagine how much better your coffee will taste! Bowls of all kinds – some small enough for the toe of a stocking…



New Artist to the Gallery: Potter Arryn Vogan

These pieces will make excellent gifts…check out the glaze on these amazing pieces!  Arryn says:

My work is a focus on crystalline glazes and being able to use them in a way that interacts with each clay body and the forms I make. The process of this particular glazing technique has both intrigued and challenged me. During a 22 hour firing cycle, the kin will hold at 2012 degrees for up to four hours. At this held temperature, I have had crystals mature and grow as large as 5 inches in diameter. I’m surprised every time I open the kiln – you just never know how the crystals will turn out!


Felted Wool Hats from Donna Wilson


Dragonflies for the Garden and Wall Art by Kathleen Krzewinski

Bags and Clutches by Sally Bags (by Janet Durkee)

Pottery by Lars Turin

Glassware by Jordana Korsen