What’s New

We’re happy to announce the addition of several artists to the Gallery!

Stone and Woodworker: Rick Amon

Working with stone and wooden objects since the early 1990’s, I have always been intrigued with a stone’s shape, texture and color. Like wood, when stone is polished and oiled, the color pops into amazing hues. The bowl above is carved alabaster!


When restoring Hancock Shaker Village’s stone fireplaces, and chimneys, I got interested and involved in Shaker architectural lines along with their cultural values. With the help of Ejner Handberg’s shop drawings and John Wilson’s guidance I was able to replicate the classic Shaker Oval Box. Materials include tacks from a late 1800’s machine, used by the Shakers along with wooden pegs with a classic oil/wax finish.


Weaver and Fiber Artist: Marcia Hammond


Marcia has been weaving for over 50 years. A fourth generation clothing designer she is recognized for the subtlety of color work woven into chenille garments and accessories. She refers to her weaving as painting with fibers. Her garments are “Handwoven Comfort”.

In addition, Marcia creates hand-painted silk scarves which are wearable works of art!

New Glassblower: Emery Wenger

“In my work I strive to create happiness by using a combination of bold and contrasting colors juxtaposed against sharp minimalist forms. I draw inspiration from pop art as well as the Memphis Design Style. The physical nature of furnace glass as well as its team oriented process drew me to glass when I was in high school. I’ve been working in glass since attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design and graduating in 2010. Since then I have worked, attended classes, and taught all across New England and the United States, Including the Corning Museum of Glass.”



New Potter: Liddi Gessin

“Two-dimensions had always been the way I expressed myself, until I started working in clay. The organic and tactile nature of clay was what first intrigued me and inspired me. By throwing, rolling, or hand-building I create surfaces of clay to work as canvases for my designs and carvings. Each piece has an individual design created to enhance its shape or form. For inspiration I look to nature. Some of my designs are botanical and free flowing and some designs are patterns that reconnect with themselves around the forms surface. Sometimes I create scenes or sculptures as well. The possibilities when working with clay are endless.”